Chamber Membership Positively Impacts Your Business. According to a survey by The Shapiro Group, 63% of people have a more positive view of, and are more likely to do business with companies that are members of the local Chamber of Commerce than with companies that are not.


  • Assembly Passes Agriculture Overtime Bill August 30, 2016
    The Assembly yesterday passed a bill that could drive up costs of commodities to consumers by removing the existing overtime exemption allowed for agricultural employers. AB 1066 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) would establish new overtime . . .
  • State High Court Leaves Intact Decision Reversing Landmark Teacher Tenure Ruling August 29, 2016
    The California Supreme Court last week declined to review a decision by the Second District Court of Appeals overturning a landmark lower court ruling that had challenged teacher tenure and dismissal laws. The state . . .

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