The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is Grateful for . . .

Thanksgiving gives us all an opportunity to think about everything we’re grateful for.  In the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce we are grateful for:

  • Our members who remain active in CVCC events which helps to bring the Chino Valley business community together
  • Our ambassadors who volunteer their time to help put on events, welcome guests and act as the face of the CVCC
  • Our board of directors who are all passionately trying to grow the influence of the CVCC
  • Our staff who devote their time, effort and energy to grow membership in our community and help local businesses grow
  • Our community partners who support and help us to make more Chino Valley businesses successful


In November, we worked on several things to grow the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce including:

  • Organizing a better follow-up procedure to help us retain more members.  Annually we plan to remind our members of the benefits the CVCC brings to their business by sending a reminder of all the ways the CVCC helps to support and grow business.
  • Created a better way to keep in touch with guests who attend CVCC events.  At every event moving forward we plan to have guests sign-in to a guest book which will help us get more community members aware of the efforts of the CVCC.
  • Created a protocol to help guide us in all CVCC events.  The protocol will help give more structure to our Ribbon Cuttings, Mixers and other similar events throughout the year which will help us recognize all those who have made contributions to our community and the CVCC.

This month we plan to work on:

  • Re-evaluating the by-laws of the CVCC
  • Developing a budget for the CVCC
  • Reaching out to the Manufacturing Council of the Inland Empire to see if we can attract more industrial businesses to the CVCC
  • Identifying and enlisting more Ambassadors to the CVCC
  • Creating a video to highlight the benefits of membership in the CVCC
  • Attending the Inland Empire Chamber of Commerce meeting to learn what other local chambers are doing for their business communities

Thank you to every one of you who has been involved in and supported the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce over the years.  We’re extremely excited at what the future has in store for the CVCC and we hope you are too.

To usher in the holidays, we thought it would be fun for our Board of Directors to say what they are thankful for as it pertains to the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s what a few of our Board of Directors are thankful for:

zeb-Welborn-118x138I’m thankful for the many friends I’ve made through the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. The members have inspired me to pursue my dreams and work harder at my business because they all work so hard at theirs.  I’m thankful to all of you who have supported me in my business, whether it be through hiring me to help you market online or support me as I’ve become more and more involved in the CVCC. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our business community as the CVCC Chairman of the Board.

– Zeb Welborn

Belinda-Douglas-118x138The Chino Valley Chamber has supported my past holiday events, published our needs, and granted me the opportunity to share everything our non-profit did for the community and surrounding communities. I am very grateful the Chamber has a lower cost for small home based businesses, which is not common amongst other chambers. We are like a family and refer business to each other as well as within our personal networks and communities of influence.  THANK YOU.

– Belinda Douglas

Karon-Mulligan-118x138I am thankful for not only the new business opportunities the Chamber has provided me, but those opportunities to connect businesses to other businesses for their prosperity. I am especially thankful for the relationships I have established through the Chamber that would not have otherwise been possible. I am really proud of our Chamber and the opportunities it offers to members and non-profits. Last but not least I have been made aware of legislation that not only impacts my line of business but also my personal life. Had it not been for the Chamber I might not have been educated on these issues.

– Karon Mulligan

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