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The Chino Valley is made up of many non-profits who work to service our community to make it bigger, better and stronger.


Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday. We urge you to support local non-profits who are making a difference in our community.


The following is a list of non-profits that are members of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. By being Chamber members, they are demonstrating that they are investing in the big picture of our community by supporting local businesses, opening up their network to connect with our business community and being involved in the betterment of our community at all levels.


We encourage you to support the following Chino Valley non-profits for #GivingTuesday and all year long.


Chino Valley #GivingTuesday

By Zeb Welborn | December 31, 2020 | Comments Off on Chino Valley #GivingTuesday
Chino Valley Giving Tuesday

The Chino Valley is made up of many non-profits who work to service our community to make it bigger, better and stronger. Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday. We urge you to support local non-profits who are making a difference in our community. 

The following is a list of non-profits that are members of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. By being Chamber members, they are demonstrating that they are investing in the big picture of our community by supporting local businesses, opening up their network to connect with our business community and being involved in the betterment of our community at all levels. 

We encourage you to support the following Chino Valley non-profits for #GivingTuesday and all year long. 

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Pandemic in 2020

By Zeb Welborn | December 30, 2020 | Comments Off on The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Pandemic in 2020

The world changed for all of us in March.

When the pandemic hit, everything was so uncertain. We tried our best to educate business owners and support them during an unprecedented time. In June, we wrote an article titled, A Letter from the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce | Support Local Businesses which highlighted everything we did for businesses from March through June. Click on the link to read that article.

During the second half of the year, the Chamber worked hard to bring back a sense of normalcy, deliver exposure and services to our sponsors and members, and fought to support businesses struggling during the pandemic.

Business As Usual

The Chamber never shut down during 2020. We changed some of the ways we do things, but we never stopped serving our mission to be catalysts for business growth, conveners of leaders and influencers and champions for a stronger community.

We continued to host our Business @ Breakfast events every Wednesday, held several Pizza & Politics events, several evening Mixers and even held a handful of Ribbon Cuttings.

We kept our commitments to our sponsors by re-imagining our major annual events. Thank you to our Chairman’s Circle Sponsors for continuing to support the efforts of our Chamber!

Taste of the Chino Valley – #CVRestaurantMonth

In August, we re-imagined our Taste of the Chino Valley and titled it, Chino Valley Restaurant Month, aka #CVRestaurantMonth. We contributed to at least $13,000 in business generated to Chino Valley Restaurants. Learn more about our #CVRestaurantMonth campaign by reading this article –

CVCC Golf Tournament

In September, we hosted our first CVCC Golf Tournament in more than a decade at Western Hills Country Club and sold out. Those who played said they had a great time and we were able to use those funds to support the efforts of the Chamber.

Chino Valley Chamber Business Expo – #CVBizMonth

In November, December and January we re-imagined our Business Expo into a Virtual Business Expo called #CVBizMonth. For #CVBizMonth we are highlighting approximately 70 Chino Valley businesses.

So far we have reached 98,890 people on Facebook with 1,323 reactions and 22,554 minutes of our videos have been watched.

On Google, we have reached 97,954 people a total of 236,660 times.

Via email, we have emailed regularly to our 2,000 members and will continue to do so throughout #CVBizMonth. Every time we send a #CVBizMonth email, we are including the link to our #CVBizMonth page –

Lastly, we are encouraging our members to use the #CVBizMonth hashtag to do businesses with those participating #CVBizMonth and Chamber businesses.

See #CVBizMonth on Facebook –

See #CVBizMonth on Instagram –

During #CVBizMonth we have recorded many videos from our businesses who have shared why they got into business, who they can help, how the coronavirus has impacted their business and how you can support them and their business.

With the video content we created, the City of Chino has agreed to let us share those videos on their Public Access Channel. From my understanding, the Chamber will be airing content every weekday from 11am to 12pm.

Holiday Luncheon

During our Zoom Holiday Luncheon we hosted an ugly sweater contest and a talent show. We have some amazingly talented members at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to everyone who participated.

You can watch our Holiday Luncheon video here –

We also want to thank those that donated canned goods and toys which we delivered to the Chino Neighborhood House. Specifically Ontario International Airport for their large donation.

Salute to Public Safety

Every year we honor Chino PD, Chino Hills PD and Chino Valley Fire with our Salute to Public Safety. We have had to reschedule it many times and will be airing videos for our Salute to Public Safety and the distribution of the awards during the month of January.

If you would like to submit a video thanking our first responders, please email me at

Business Awards & Recognition Dinner

Instead of a dinner, we will be highlighting our Award Winners throughout the beginning part of 2021 on social media and via email. We are looking forward to promoting our Chino Valley Business Award Winners.

Chino State of the City

The Chamber was proud to work with the City of Chino to help coordinate and produce their State of the City. The Chino State of the City is a video that showcases the City of Chino, their plans for the future and the impact the coronavirus has brought to our town.

We are still working on our re-imagined versions of our Chamber events in 2021 and hope you’ll continue to join us and support us.

Advocating for Businesses

Before the pandemic hit, our Chamber was getting much more active in helping advocate for businesses. We are members of the Western Association of Chamber Executives, US Chamber and the Inland Empire Legislative Alliance.

Since then we have worked with those entities to help support businesses at the Federal, State, County and local levels.

Legislative Advocacy & Action

In March and April we worked with our Federal representatives to help identify opportunities to support small businesses in the CARES Act.

Recently, we sent two letters to our local elected officials titled:

These letters were aimed to help get relief from our Federal and State Governments while also asking our state to be more fair and equitable when shutting down businesses.

As a result of our efforts and the efforts of the organizations we belong to, the US Government opened up a new round of funding to support small businesses, the State of California started their California Relief Grant Program and both our cities and county submitted letters supporting our Small Biz Coalition Letter.

We have heard from countless businesses that the Chamber has helped them stay afloat and in some cases thrive. We are thrilled to know we have helped so many businesses during this difficult time and are still trying to figure out ways to do more.

Candidate Forums:

We hosted the Chino, Chino Hills and Chino Valley School Board Forums for our community in 2020. These forums were designed to educate our community on the positions of those running for our local city councils and school board.

Congratulations to Chino Mayor Eunice Ulloa, Chino City Councilmembers Karen Comstock and Christopher Flores, Chino Hills City Councilmembers Art Bennett and Cynthia Moran and CVUSD School Board Members Don Bridge, Andrew Cruz, James Na.

You can watch our candidate forums here:

Telling the Stories of Chino Valley Businesses

One of the best things our businesses can do is to tell us their stories so that we can help find solutions for the challenges our businesses face.

Luv 2 Play

We interviewed Luv 2 Play, a new indoor play place which invested their life savings to start their business. They took over the location in January and still haven’t been able to open. Watch my video with them here –

Squeeze In

December 16, 2020
To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to tell my story and where my business stands at this time, after 9 months of limited operations. 

I am originally from Reno, NV and grew up with just my mom, as my parents were divorced and I was an only child. In 1994 at the age of 26 I found myself to be a single mom of a 3 year old and a new baby. I had a decent job working in a casino, and a college degree I wasn’t using, but now that I was alone I knew I would have to be the sole provider and a good example to my children. I began to look at other career options and decided I would try to get into nursing school. This ended up being a harder endeavor than I imagined as I had to get a 4.0 in any prerequisite classes, which meant retaking many of my prior classes to get all A’s. I was able to achieve this while working full time and taking care of my children and in June of 1995 I was accepted into nursing school at the University of Nevada-Reno. I worked very hard for this achievement and was extremely happy to begin nursing school, however this happiness was short lived. The week before school started my mom (at the age of 47) suddenly died from a cerebral aneurysm. The devastation I felt was almost unbearable, but I knew I had to continue on for the sake of my young children. I dragged myself to nursing school, even though it was very difficult, because I wasn’t letting this opportunity pass me by. I went to school full-time, worked full-time, and was a single mom with no family to help me; I did it all on my own and graduated in 1997. Once I accomplished this, I knew that I could do anything. 

A couple of years later I met my husband, John, who is from Southern California and I moved here in late 1999. At that time, I actually chose to change careers and I went to work for Bed Bath & Beyond. I quickly moved up and became the Operations Manager of a new store that I would open in Chino Hills. This brought our family to Chino Hills and we have lived here ever since. My husband and I had three more children and eventually I became a stay-at-home mom. My husband worked for a liquor distributor, where he started at the bottom, but over the years he had worked his way to the top, becoming Vice President and running the entire state of California. Due to our hard work and focus on our family, our life was great and we lived very comfortably, but hardship would find me again. 

Three years ago the company my husband worked for was sold and the new management decided to “go in a new direction” and John shockingly lost his job. Unfortunately, due to his large salary and his age it was very difficult for him to find another comparable job. Eventually, he did find a new job but he was paid one third of his previous salary. We decided that I would have to go back to work or we were going to lose everything. I found myself, once again, thinking about what I was going to do for a career and how could I take care of my family – but now I was 50 years old! I began considering a bunch of different options and I came across an article that Squeeze In had begun franchising. This was a restaurant I was familiar with since I had grown up with it nearby in Lake Tahoe and knew how amazing it was. I told my husband that we should open one in Chino Hills, that I would run it (even though I had marginal experience), and please have confidence in me. He believed me, so we took every cent of money we had – ALL of our savings, refinanced our home, and borrowed from our 401K to open the Squeeze In. We opened in November of 2018 and it was very successful from the day we opened the doors. Three of our children work here and we have 15 other employees. With one year under our belt, everything running smoothly, and a steady stream of customers we felt relief and were very optimistic about our future. We had been living on the edge of a cliff for over a year, with just barely enough money to get by, but felt we were finally all right and would make it out of financial ruin, then along came Covid. Initially, we thought we would be closed for two weeks but obviously that didn’t happen. As the days of being shutdown continued and our only option was to do take-out, our revenue was cut to one fifth of normal. With take-out only, my sales for the entire month are what I would do previously in one weekend. I have been working 12 hours a day seven days a week to keep the restaurant going. Our landlord will give us no relief on rent and without the ability to have outdoor dining we will not be able to pay the rent or for anything else. As you can imagine, with these continued restrictions, we are on the verge of losing everything once again and will potentially be homeless. I understand that “people are dying” but we have no options. There is no financial help coming our way. To delay sales tax does not help me to pay sales tax and to give me a loan does not help me if there’s no way to pay the loan. As I’ve said previously, I am a fighter and a hard worker and will do whatever I need to do to survive, but there’s no tools being given to us. If we are not allowed to operate and there’s no compensation, the government is stealing our business from us and it is wrong! We have put everything into this business and it’s just being taken from us and there’s nothing we can do. Please, someone help us to be allowed to operate, and protect those that are vulnerable, so that the rest of us can continue to exist! If you don’t, there will be high poverty, homelessness, boarded up buildings, and crime. This has been traumatizing to say the least, to my family, including my children, and all of my employees. Can the people we’ve elected, please represent us and make the restrictions stop? 

Let us operate!


Kaylynne Ruiz

Businesses Helping Businesses

Not all has been bad though. Numerous businesses have stepped up to help support other businesses during 2020. Some examples of Chino Valley Businesses supporting each other include:

  • Transtech Engineer purchasing food from R&R Breakfast Spot to deliver to first responders
  • So Cal Gas Company buying close to $10,000 in meals to Chino Valley senior citizens from Chino Valley restaurants during #CVRestaurantMonth
  • Ontario International Airport donating a truck full of toys to the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and Chino Neighborhood House for our Holiday Luncheon Toy Drive

Chino Valley #GivingTuesday

We created a post for #GivingTuesday highlighting all non-profits who are members of the Chamber. See our local non-profits and consider supporting them here –

How Can You Support Local Businesses?

Know of a business that is facing challenged due to COVID-19? Have them reach out to us so we can share their story too. 

If you, or a business you know of, has a story to tell, please tell them to get in touch with me ASAP. And we will make sure our legislators and community are aware to offer assistance and support.

Looking Ahead to 2021

Anyone who has been involved in the Chamber this year knows we’ve done more than the few things we were able to list above in 2020. This has been a challenging year for businesses and our Chamber.

As someone who is tasked with leading the Chino Valley Business community, I’ve felt an intense obligation to do everything I can to support businesses and help our businesses and community support one another.

While 2020 was difficult for so many, I’ve seen so much good and resiliency from our businesses that I feel optimistic about the future of business in the Chino Valley.

For those of you that helped us in 2020, whether it be with your sponsorship, membership, participation, engagement, support, know that your business community thanks you. Without you the work we did this year would not have been possible.

Hope to bring us all more closely together in 2021 to continue to support our businesses and make the Chino Valley a better place to live.

Thanks for everything!


Results for Chino Valley #CVRestaurantMonth

By Zeb Welborn | December 30, 2020 | Comments Off on Results for Chino Valley #CVRestaurantMonth

Thank you to all those who participated in our first ever #CVRestaurantMonth. 

Due to COVID-19 we wanted to do something to support our local restaurants, because we know how challenging it has been for them. 

Catalyst for Business Growth

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce purchased $80 in gift cards per restaurant(21 restaurants) which totaled $1,680 given out as prizes for community members who participated in #CVRestaurantMonth. So Cal Gas purchased approximately $9,000 in gift cards from #CVRestaurantMonth restaurants to give to needy seniors.

Some of our larger businesses like Transtech purchased more than $1,000 in food from local restaurants to give to first responders. We also tracked more than $2,000 generated for local restaurants from our proactive social media users. 

In total, we estimate that at a minimum we generated at least $13,680 of business for restaurants participating in #CVRestaurantMonth.

Conveners of Leaders & Influencers

We increased exposure for those restaurants that participated. For 6 weeks our ad appeared in Champion Newspapers reaching more than 18,000 people multiple times. On Facebook, the Chamber reached more than 30,000 people, had more than 5,000 people engage with our content and had more than 10,000 video views. 

Community members posted more than 100 times on their own social media profiles using the #CVRestaurantMonth and #CVChamberSpecial substantially increasing the exposure our participating restaurants received. 

View #CVRestaurantMonth posts on Instagram –

View #CVRestaurantMonth posts on Facebook –

Champions for a Stronger Community

We are most proud of the fact that we were able to connect our community with our restaurants. See below for examples of some of the great things our community was saying about #CVRestaurantMonth and the restaurants that participated. And thank you to our community members who left such positive reviews on our restaurants.

Congratulations to those that won gift cards from our restaurants during #CVRestaurantMonth.

Thank you to our sponsors who supported our #CVRestaurantMonth and who continue to support the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Want to participate next year? Be sure to sign up to be a Chamber member here –

Send me an email at to make sure you can participate in #CVRestaurantMonth in 2021.

Learn more about how we were able to support Chino Valley Businesses at the beginning of 2020. Read A Letter from the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce | Support Local Businesses –

A Letter from the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce | Support Local Businesses

By Zeb Welborn | June 18, 2020 | Comments Off on A Letter from the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce | Support Local Businesses

Dear Chamber Members & Friends, 

The last three months have been unprecedented. 

We’ve fielded hundreds of calls and thousands of emails from Chino Valley businesses asking for help. We want to share with you a snapshot of some of the challenges our businesses are facing and how the Chamber has proactively worked to support them. 

At the Chamber, we like to say that we are catalysts for business growth, a convener of leaders and influencers, and champions for stronger communities. 

Catalysts for Business Growth

Personal Contact

When the decision was made to shut down businesses, our first response was to reach out to our members directly. My staff and I called all 400 members to assess their situation and offer our assistance and support. 

We conducted a Coronavirus Survey to get more detailed responses on how businesses were being impacted and how the Chamber could help.

We shared the responses of 87 Chino Valley businesses with local, county, state and federal legislators. US Congressman Gil Cisneros specifically used our survey results to request federal funding and programs to support our local business community.

Coronavirus Updates

We created a coronavirus update page on our website – – to keep Chino Valley businesses informed about everything coronavirus related. We’ve been updating this at least twice per week.

Frequent Email Correspondence

Our Chamber took a leadership role in educating members on how the Coronavirus is impacting business, and in explaining and sharing resources as they were becoming available. We also used social media to expand our reach. Thank you to the dozens of businesses who commented how helpful and informative our efforts have been. 

Re-Opening Survey

We have received phone calls from people who are concerned about their health and over the practices of some of our local businesses. We have also received calls from others who are unconcerned about the coronavirus and suggest we return to business as usual. 

Last month we emailed a survey to our members about what it would take for business owners to feel comfortable shopping at other local businesses, and then we asked them what steps they would take to protect their customers.

Of the 25 who responded, 22 of them expressed concerns about the health implications of COVID-19, and 24 out of 25 reported they were implementing procedures for cleanliness, social distancing and providing PPE for themselves and their employees. 

While all of us would love to go back to normal, the reality is that a large percentage of our population is concerned about the health impact of the coronavirus. Our poll shows that consumers are more likely to return to business as usual if guidelines are followed. 

Businesses must also be aware of potential liabilities associated with employees contracting the coronavirus. We are opposing legislation that presume employees who contract the coronavirus became infected at their place of work. Re-opening the economy without proper safety procedures could make those businesses liable, which could have a further adverse effect on our economy. 

We want all businesses to open. And, when they do, we are encouraging them to open responsibly. 

Modeling and Pivoting

On March 15, we decided to postpone our March 19 Salute to Public Safety, an event that draws 250 to 300 attendees to honor our local police, fire and corrections agencies. 

Although we were forced to cancel that and other in-person events, we immediately began thinking of creative ways to continue providing a high level of service to our businesses. 

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce has not shut down operation  during COVID-19, but we have made adjustments. Visiting the Chamber is currently by appointment only. You may contact my personal cell should you need anything – (909) 973-9089 – and our team has and will continue to be available.

Business @ Breakfast

Our regular in-person Business @ Breakfast events moved to Zoom, and we actually saw an increase in attendees. These events foster networking and feature an expert speaking on a business related topic. 

Monthly Mixers

Our monthly mixers have also successfully moved to Zoom. On Thursday one of our members will be hosting a mixer at their brick-and-mortar location for those who feel comfortable attending in person. Be on the lookout for our email. 

Convener of Leaders & Influencers

As mentioned, we’ve fielded hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails. We are proud to say we have helped every single one who has reached out. 

We have helped businesses by:

  • connecting them to legislators on issues affecting their business
  • securing PPP, EIDL and other federal loans
  • connecting them with loan forgiveness programs
  • relaying up-to-date information on when and how they can re-open responsibly
  • securing PPE equipment
  • creating a go-to source for up-to-date coronavirus information for businesses
  • creating a Back in Business resource for businesses starting back up
  • creating a Restaurants Offering Takeout and Delivery Amid Coronavirus list and Facebook group 
  • creating an Essential Businesses list so our community would know which businesses were open
  • processing Certificates of Origin for our manufacturing businesses

As a result of these unusual circumstances, we’ve upped our level of communication with our cities and county. On a weekly basis I am in touch with Chino Hills City Manager Ben Montgomery and Chino Economic Development Manager Chris Kennedy. We’ve been able to compile information and share efforts to meet the challenges our businesses are facing. 

We have been in frequent contact with Curt Hagman, Chairman of the Board for the County Board of Supervisors, and his team to connect businesses with the county regarding legislation affecting their operations and the re-opening guidelines and restrictions in place for different types of businesses.

Chino Valley Leaders on the Coronavirus Webinar

In March, we started the Chino Valley Leaders Webinar on the local impact of Coronavirus every Tuesday morning from 8:30am to 9:30. We brought together health experts; local, county, state and federal legislators and staff members; an economist; CalChamber and US Chamber representatives; first responders; CVUSD school district representatives; utilities representatives and more. (This week we made the decision to host this webinar once every two weeks.)

In addition to giving up-to-the-minute updates on their organizations and efforts, our Chino Valley Leaders took questions from those in attendance to help guide them during these uncertain times. Thank you to all who participated.

Political Advocacy

We have considerably increased our chamber’s advocacy efforts. Over a year ago I became a founding member of the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance. Dozens of chambers across the Inland Empire meet monthly to discuss proposed legislation that affects business. 

A month ago, our Chamber sent an email out to all members inviting them to participate in our Legislative Action Committee. We hope to focus support for those initiatives that will benefit our members the most. 

Political Advocacy During Coronavirus

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been using our reach to encourage local controls over Coronavirus-related issues. As Curt Hagman has articulated numerous times in our Chino Valley Leaders Webinar, the most restrictive laws are the laws that are in effect. Currently, the most restrictive laws were those imposed by California.

We have advocated for local control since San Bernardino County is vastly different from Los Angeles county in terms of density and exposure. Under local control, our local legislators can make decisions to re-open sooner than under state control. 

We need to do our best to ensure that our businesses are taking the appropriate precautions to open responsibly. While most citizens and businesses are following the county and CDC guidelines, there are a few that are not. The consequences of this could not only be deadly for our vulnerable population, but could result in another avoidable shut down of businesses which have already faced so much adversity.

If the federal, state or county governments realize that the coronavirus is spreading in our local communities there is the very real potential of another shutdown, which we certainly want to avoid. 

We are fighting for our businesses to stay open, but also strongly encouraging them to follow the guidelines set forth by the County of San Bernardino Public Health Department. 

A Champion for Stronger Communities

Restaurants Offering Takeout and Delivery Services

Restaurants were some of the hardest hit businesses. Within the first week we worked to compile a list of restaurants offering takeout and delivery services to encourage our community to support these restaurants. We also created a Facebook Group – Chino Valley Take-Out & Delivers Options Amid COVID-19 which amassed 350 members within just a few weeks.

We also encouraged the purchase of gift cards as a way to show support, and purchased some ourselves as incentives for Chamber ambassadors and as gifts to our volunteers for jobs well done. 

Back in Business Website Page 

Once businesses began to re-open we created a Back in Business page to let our community know which businesses were back up and running. 

CVCC Pitch Competition

We hosted our first CVCC Pitch Competition to promote entrepreneurship in the Chino Valley. Students from across the Chino Valley submitted their business ideas to a panel of judges (Chino Valley business owners). The entertaining and inspiring competition — the pitches and the judging — was all conducted via Zoom. We gave away $5,000 in grants to these students. 

The program was so successful that we will be continuing it next year. It has also given us the opportunity to connect CVUSD students with local businesses via job shadowing and internship programs, and will help create career pathways for local students. 

Video Interview Project

I’ve been interviewing members about how their businesses have been impacted, how they’ve faced problems, advice they have for others, and how the Chamber has helped their business. 

These video interviews highlight our members and increase their exposure in our community.

As a result of our video interview series, our members have been featured on the front page and business section of Champion Newspapers. Deanna Margaritha, the owner of Infuzion Zone was featured after she shared her story of how she recently opened her new business, was forced to shut down almost immediately and has still been working to make her business dream come true.  

Other Major Upcoming Events

We are working out the details, but we are still planning on re-imagining our Taste of the Chino Valley. 

Our golf tournament will likely take place as restrictions are further relaxed. 

The Salute to Public Safety will happen when our first responders are ready. 

Our Business Awards & Recognition Dinner will still happen. 

Both States of the Cities are being planned. 

And our Business Expo is still set to take place in October. 

We do want to make sure we follow the current guidelines and need to be flexible to conduct these events responsibly. Depending on the guidelines at the time, some of them may be done virtually, some may be done in-person, some might be a hybrid of the two and others might be re-imagined in other ways. 

The Chamber Supporting Local Business

We know the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on so many businesses, families, individuals and our community. This is why businesses support an organization like the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. While we are in times of crisis or times of prosperity, the Chino Valley Chamber is working hard to assist your business. 

Here’s a sampling of some ways we’ve helped specific local businesses:

When Mike Barbin from Graphic Details Inc. was shut out of the PPP program he reached out to us. We were able to connect him with a bank that was able to help him secure a PPP loan.   

We featured Rhonda Dennis of R&R Breakfast Spot in one of our interview videos. She’s the epitome of perseverance. She lost her father to COVID-19, stood by as her essential worker husband who battled and recovered from the virus, and still managed to keep her dream and her new business alive.

Queenie Tran from Inland Family Optometry secured a $5,000 grant from the US Chamber thanks to an email we sent to her. 

Last week we helped Rock N Karma Fitness connect with the county to confirm their re-opening date and make sure they were prepared to open. 

We helped conduct a ribbon-tying event for the grand re-opening of Los Portales in Chino. In doing so, we helped share how they were adjusting to the new guidelines and helped inform their customers of the new processes and procedures they were implementing. 

 —   —   —

Support the Chamber

The support of our member businesses have helped to assist businesses who have relied on the Chamber to continue to pursue their dreams. I want to thank our members for their support, membership and sponsorship. We hope you recognize the impact your contribution has made to businesses in the Chino Valley. 

Your support of the Chamber is needed now more than ever to continue the work we’re doing to assist struggling businesses and create proactive programs to build a stronger economy.

Whether or not your business has benefited personally from the Chamber, your membership supports our efforts to be catalysts for business growth, conveners of leaders and influencers and champions for a stronger community. 

If you’re a member and are up for renewal, please renew your membership. If you’re facing challenges in your business as a result of COVID-19, please contact me and we will work with you. 

Zeb Welborn 

(909) 973 – 9089

If you’re not a member and you own a business in the Chino Valley, we hope you recognize the value we bring to the community and will become a member. Go here to Become a Member.

If you’re an individual in the Chino Valley and you appreciate the work we’ve been doing, become a member to lend your support. Click here to begin your application.

If your business is thriving, you’d like to give back to your community, or would like to get additional exposure for your business consider becoming a Chairman’s Circle sponsor to help expand our footprint and reach in the Chino Valley. 

I’m proud of the work we’ve done at a time when it is needed most. I hope you recognize the value we bring to our community and that we’ve earned your membership and support.

Thanks for everything!


Chino Valley Reopening Business Survey Results

By Zeb Welborn | June 10, 2020 | Comments Off on Chino Valley Reopening Business Survey Results

A month ago we conducted a survey of our members on how they were planning on opening back up when the time was right. We had 25 Chino Valley businesses respond to our survey to share their thoughts on opening back up when the stay-at-home orders loosened in the Chino Valley. 

I asked the questions below of our businesses and am including a summary of the responses we received. I hope these results will help to make our community feel better about doing business in the Chino Valley and give some insight into the thoughts and minds of businesses in the Chino Valley. 

Please keep in mind that the 25 different businesses reflect businesses from across the Chino Valley. Some are physical locations, some have high foot traffic, and some are home-based businesses.

What practices would need to be implemented for you to feel safe shopping at another Chino Valley business?

Our businesses were overwhelmingly concerned for their safety when shopping at other Chino Valley businesses. To feel comfortable shopping at another business: 

  • 7 owners responded they wanted to see employees wearing face masks/shields
  • 10 wanted to see social distancing in place
  • 2 wanted hand sanitizer easily available
  • 6 wanted the business to be cleaned regularly 
  • 2 wanted temperature checks of employees/customers
  • 3 thought people were overreacting and were not concerned at all

Some interesting responses to this question were: 

  • I take a hard stand on this based on infection control background. When public health officials indicate it is safe to reopen businesses there will still be a clear threat from a public safety standpoint of transmitting CoronaVirus. Therefore, until public health orders a complete all clear order~ I will not visit any business that does not have staff wearing masks, lysol wipes and hand sanitizer at every entrance and check stand and evidence of staff actively sanitizing all common areas which need physician distancing protections. I also will not visit businesses if there is evidence of the public rebelling and not complying 100% with public health orders outside and inside the business. As a former infection control nurse I know that complete compliance by everyone is required whether they like it or not until such time as public health officials only provide guidance that everyone adheres to including citizens, business owners and politicians.
  • City to allow temporary permit for outside seating – patio or wide open parking lots for restaurants

What is your plan to reopen your business as safely as possible? 

  • 14 businesses were requiring employees/customers to wear masks or shields
  • 12 businesses were requiring social distancing
  • 4 businesses were having hand sanitizer readily available for customers/employees
  • 10 were improving the cleanliness of their facilities
  • 7 were encouraging customers/employees to stay home if sick and giving temperature checks
  • 4 were incorporating barrier shields to separate customers/employees
  • 9 were shifting their business model to be virtual, to go, telecommuting or operating by reservation only
  • 3 were having campaigns to educate their customers and employees on safety protocol

What are the resources or directions you think you will need in order to open and comply with social distancing guidelines? 

  • Clear safety guidelines from the county and city
  • Community awareness for compliance
  • PPE equipment for clientele 

Is there anything else you want to share related to reopening businesses in your community?

Some interesting responses to that question are: 

  • Just that as a high risk individual I must be very careful about any possible exposure to CV.
  • Please Be patient because we are putting our lives on the line to serve people. And some people just aren’t being considerate Of social distancing and being healthy and so it’s harder to get the employees to want to work
  • No business wants an outbreak so I feel we must rest assured that business owners across the county will be doing the right thing. Having an outbreak could cause a serious impact on the future of a business.
  • We are losing our resistance to disease by staying locked in so long. The sun is the best thing to kill the disease. People are suffering financially, emotionally and spiritually. Get this state back open, If people don’t want to move about – let them stay home and let the rest of us go on without life and stop killing our economy. Count the cost of those who are suffering emotionally. Domestic abuse is up – relaps is up – suicide is up. Wake up America.
  • Sanitation will be a big part of continuing good health.
  • Additional inspections before reopening would add more wait time and expense to restaurants that are already hurting.
  • Patient and employee safety is our priority. We are taking all the necessary measures to protect while taking care of our patients.
  • If masks are going to be required then it needs to be enforced that they cover nose and mouth, not hanging at the chin.
  • We have to trust that we are all capable of healing as a community without having to police each other. Act responsibly with our own health to keep our cities safe.
  • Retail businesses are suffering and their Landlords. We absolutely need local municipalities to come up strict safety guidelines so that these businesses can open their doors but still practice safety for customers and employees.
  • This is OUR livelihood… OUR savings… OUR commitment to our community and clients. I wont’ take chances when it comes to their health and well being.

Since creating this survey, the County of San Bernardino has released the COVID-Compliance Business Partnership Program.

COVID-Compliance Business Partnership Program

The County of San Bernardino is committed to rebuilding and sustaining a high quality of life for its residents and businesses.

To support our local small businesses and help ensure ongoing compliance with State and County Health orders and direction, San Bernardino County is implementing the COVID Compliant Business Partnership Program.

This program has two components.

  1. Funding of $2,500 for eligible Small Businesses with 1-100 employees
  2. Support and Partnership for ALL eligible County businesses who wish to become a COVID Compliant Business Partner

This program will support our local small businesses by reimbursing and/or offsetting costs and impacts directly related to complying with COVID-19 related business protocols and providing support to all eligible County businesses who apply for the program.

Prior to receiving funding, San Bernardino County small businesses must demonstrate compliance with State/County public health orders, and incorporate safety and social distancing practices and measures in their business operations. 

Total funding available for this program is $30,000,000. Eligible businesses, per qualifying location, can receive up to $2,500. Deadline for Application: August 31, 2020

Visit to apply.

CVCC Pitch Competition Gives $5,000 to CVUSD Entrepreneurs

By Zeb Welborn | May 25, 2020 | Comments Off on CVCC Pitch Competition Gives $5,000 to CVUSD Entrepreneurs

5 finalists took home $5,000 in grants for their business ideas

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce awarded $5,000 in grants to CVUSD students during their first annual CVCC Pitch Competition on May 14 via Zoom.

The video of the event on Facebook has already received more than 5,900 views and is available at

and YouTube at

First Place: Sunyoung (Lydia) Chung

The winner of the contest, Sunyoung (Lydia) Chung, an 11th grader from Chino Hills High School received $2,000 in grants during the first CVCC Pitch Competition. Her idea was to produce school supplies that are functional and comfortable to use, by personalizing them to each student’s needs and wants, allowing them to design their own supplies. 

Sunyoung also produces a weekly Vlog in which she highlights her week. A big piece of her recent video covers her experience in the CVCC Pitch Competition. You can watch her video here –

Second Place: Elizabeth Dang

Elizabeth Dang, a 7th grader from Canyon Hills Junior High School, received $1,250. Her idea was to create an online customized personal travel planning service that would partner with existing businesses to design and plan the perfect day trip itinerary.

Third Place: Rachel Tong

Rachel Tong, an 11th grader at Chino Hills High School received $750. Her idea was to create an eCommerce store that features all certified U.S.-made products. This allows all U.S. manufacturers, small and big, to converge their products on one shopping site, thus providing the consumers with a convenient way to shop made in USA products.

Finalist: Andy Berry

Andy Berry, a 10th grader at Chino Hills High School, received $500 for his mobile device stand that allows for ease of use with your phone when on those work from home video and conference calls. 

Finalist: Farmers for Everyone

Kenneth Nguyen (11th grade), Ryan Chang (11th grade), Krish Shah (11th grade) and Steven Nguyen (9th grade), students at Ayala High School, also received $500. Their ideas was to create an on-demand delivery service from local farms to peoples doorsteps.

The CVCC Pitch Competition was created to promote entrepreneurship, create job shadowing and internship opportunities, and connect future leaders with Chino Valley business leaders.

The event was emceed by CVUSD School Board member Christina Gagnier and Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce President Zeb Welborn. 

Entertainment at the event included an announcement from Chino Hills Mayor Art Bennett, Steven Sashen from Xero Shoes, whose company has been featured on Shark Tank, and a performance by David Lee from Rockstars of Tomorrow. 

The judging panel included business owners from across the Chino Valley including Michael Anderson from Rockstars of Tomorrow, Clark Canedy from Management Strategic Ideas, Sally Connolly of Night Buddies, Leonora Foddrill from Foddrill Construction, Deanna Margaritha from Infuzion Zone, and local businessman Wayne Scaggs.

Thank You Sponsors:

Thank you to the large list of sponsors who supported the event including: Watson Land Company; the City of Chino; Health Service Alliance, the Chino Rotary Club, San Bernardino Countywide Vision 2 Succeed, Ontario International Airport, Walmart, Waste Management, Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, Waste Management, Foddrill Construction, Waste Management, KB Real Estate, Shell Roofing Solutions, Good Enough Travel, Tri-Counties Association of Realtors, Chino Valley Medical Center, Apollo Insurance Services, John Edgar State Farm Insurance Agent, Chino Commercial Bank, Accredited Tax, Pacific Energy Network, Towneplace Suites by Marriott,  Michael Milhiser, Monte Vista Water District Vice President, Infuzion Zone, Carlton Fields, Chino Commercial Bank, Jim Gallagher, Personalized Gifts for You, Clark Canedy, Napa Valley Toys, Wayne Scaggs, Heather Nishioka, and Eddy Sumar.

For more information about the event and our sponsors, please visit the CVCC Pitch Competition page.

If you’d like to promote entrepreneurship, create job shadowing and internship opportunities and connect future leaders with business leaders across the Chino Valley, please consider becoming a financial supporter. You may support our program by visiting the link – Support Entrepreneurship in the Chino Valley.

Your contribution will include your name/business listed as a supporter of entrepreneurship and youth at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce for 2020.

Chamber Hosts Webinar on Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

By Zeb Welborn | May 18, 2020 | Comments Off on Chamber Hosts Webinar on Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Federal, state, county and city leaders join weekly forum offering resources for local business and plans for re-opening.

Resources for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemics’s impact on Chino Valley’s 400-plus businesses and hopes for reopening the local economy are the central focus of a weekly open webinar sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

Congresswoman Norma Torres, Congressman Gil Cisneros, State Senator Ling Ling Chang, State Senator Connie Leyva, Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez and Supervisor Curt Hagman are frequent panelists on the 8:30 a.m. Tuesday webinars moderated by Chamber President Zeb Welborn. If those officials can’t attend, they send top assistants.

“Zeb Welborn’s Chino Valley Chamber call provides critical collaboration and information sharing for our community, and it’s why I believe it’s important for myself and my staff to participate,” said Rep. Cisneros. 

Mayors, police and fire chiefs, and representatives from electric, gas, school district and water districts also participate. Supervisor Hagman provides the weekly update on the spread of the virus in San Bernardino County, including numbers of contagions and deaths.

The webinar, called Chino Valley Leaders Webinar on the Coronavirus, is open to the public, and access can be found at, on the chamber’s facebook page and subscribers of their email list. 

“This is a golden opportunity for businesses and individuals to learn the latest statistics affecting the Chino Valley, stimulus programs from the federal government, and guidelines for re-opening the economy from state officials,” Welborn said.

Welborn said the webinar is designed to provide vital information specific to the Chino Valley.

Representatives Torres and Cisneros detailed the federal response to the crisis at Tuesday’s meeting with updates on Federal stimulus programs designed to support Chino Valley businesses.

 “The Chamber’s efforts to bring together local leaders for COVID-19 updates and to provide a variety of business resources that are helpful to local businesses impacted by COVID-19 has been appreciated,” said Chino Hills Mayor Art Bennett.

2020 Board of Director Nominees Announced

By Zeb Welborn | May 18, 2020 | Comments Off on 2020 Board of Director Nominees Announced

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce our Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Director Nominees.

Our Board Nominees slated to begin on July 1, 2020 are:

Will Fleet : Champion Newspapers

Will Fleet is the Owner and Publisher at Chino Champion, Tracy Press, Patterson Irrigator, Scotts Valley Press Banner

Heather Parsons-Nishioka : Chaffey College

Heather Parsons-Nishioka is the Manager of Major & Capital Gifts Fundraising at Chaffey College.

Josh Sun : Edward Jones

Josh Sun is a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones.

Some Board Members are unable to complete their terms on the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and we need to find replacements to help fill those vacancies. We added two new Board Members in this fashion. Thank you to Kavita Bhatia and Terry Fitch for becoming Board Members for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce in the 2019-2020 year.

Kavita Bhatia : KB Real Estate

Kavita Bhatia is the President and Broker at KB Real Estate

Terry Fitch : LegalShield Business Solutions

Terry Fitch is the Regional Business Director at LegalShield Business Solutions

Board of Directors 2019 – 2020

Chairman of the Board Art Bennett : City of Chino HillsIncoming Chairperson of the Board Gigi Fix : Chino Kiwanis ClubPast Chairman of the Board Eric Hasanoff : GEM MortgageSecretary Christina Gagnier : Carlton FieldsTreasurer Gabriel Hill : Insurance & Surety ServicesKavita Bhatia : KB Real EstateGlenda Chavez : Waste ManagementGail Christner : Apollo Insurance ServicesTerry Fitch : LegalShield Business SolutionsLeonora Foddrill : Foddrill ConstructionJim Gallagher : Dog Park for Chino Hills Non-ProfitMark Hargrove : City of ChinoTeresa Hull : Chaffey CollegeMarcia McBean : Chino Commercial BankGustavo Miranda : Sam’s Club

Business Partners Needed for Chino Valley Chamber Pitch Competition : Promote Entrepreneurship

By Zeb Welborn | May 6, 2020 | Comments Off on Business Partners Needed for Chino Valley Chamber Pitch Competition : Promote Entrepreneurship

Dear Business Owner,

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that we are hosting our first annual CVCC Pitch Competition on May 14, 2020. 

Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship amongst our youth in the Chino Valley, connect business leaders with our future leaders, and build a stronger economy in the long term. 

Contestants will be tasked with developing and delivering a business idea to a qualified panel of judges (business leaders of the Chino Valley).

To qualify, individuals or teams created a 90-second pitch video of their business idea. A judging panel reviewed the pitch and identified 5 finalists to compete during a live pitch competition. The semi-finalists will give a 5-minute virtual pitch with a round of questions and answers in front of the judging panel.

Semi-finalists will pitch virtually for $5,000 worth of prizes on May 14, 2020.

Funds from the event will go towards: 

  • Promoting youth entrepreneurship in the Chino Valley;
  • Creating job shadowing and internship opportunities for Chino Valley youth;
  • Creating career pathways for students in the Chino Valley; and
  • Strengthening the connection between the Chino Valley business community and future business leaders.

There is a great need in the Chino Valley to promote business growth and encourage our younger population to live and work in the community they grew up in. 

For more information about the CVCC Pitch Competition please visit –

We are asking for your financial support to promote these efforts. Will you be a sponsor of the CVCC Pitch Competition? 

Thanks for everything!


CVCC Pitch Competition Flyer
CVCC Pitch Competition Flyer

Chino Valley Re-Opening the Economy Survey

By Zeb Welborn | May 5, 2020 | Comments Off on Chino Valley Re-Opening the Economy Survey
Please respond to this survey to help us help our local businesses re-open effectively.

As you know, many communities are considering allowing businesses to reopen but requiring that they put strict, protective measures into place to protect employees and patrons. However, it is unclear if businesses will need approval ahead of time from the local governments or if there will be inspections to ensure compliance.

Your feeback is critical to inform the position of readiness letter we will send to state and local leaders and businesses in our region.
Take the Survey – the Survey
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